Why am I going again?

Well, I have 2 reasons.
1 - I feel like I have something to offer in the technology and employment space since my graduation and subsequent full-time employment
2 - I want to see how Nansana and the Nurture Africa HQ has improved since I was last there

Below are some of the community initiatives I was involved in during my last trip.

First Aid, Personal Hygenie, Sexual Health and Reproducion Education

During my time in Africa, I got the opportunity to give talks to students about personal hygenie, sexual health and reproduction. These talks are vital for young people as there are many reservations and untruths told to young people in this area. The First Aid workshops are vital for community members to ensure basic first aid knowledge is attained and understood for personal and community safety.

Helping Small Businesses

Nurture Africa empowers community members to earn their own money by way of small businesses through community loans that are managed by an elected local committee to teach good business practises with that aim of help villaged grow of their own accord.

Building a Computer Library

One of my main jobs as part of the General Skills placement was to help build a computer library. We started by putting down the stone and levelling it for the base of the floor and start the construction of the walls up to the level of the windows. This exact building pictured is where I am going to continue my adventure this time around.

Supporters Wall

Below are people who have contributed to this fundraising effort in some way:
Ben Clarke
Michael Duncan
Laura Kehoe
Anne and Jim Egan
Tina and John Clarke
Anonymous x2
Chloe O’Brien
Tracy O’Brien

So how can you help?

Well, I am fundraising in some different ways which are as follows:

  • My Youtube Channel

    I am documenting my fundraising and the trip itself on my youtube channel. Tuning in and spreading the word is incredibly valuable and hugely appreciated.

  • Supporters Section

    You may have already seen it, but there is a supporters section above where I put the names of people who have donated and contributed to the trip.

  • Branded sweatshirts and t-shirts

    I will be wearing sweatshirts and t-shirts with company logos on them as purchasable ad space. Individuals can also purchase space on these garments if desired.

  • Your love and support

    You can still support Nurture Africa and my trip by simply spreading the word. Re-sharing social media posts, chatting with friends and family about the work we do, sending me questions you may have. All of these things help.

Donation Link

If you would like to do some independant research of Nurture Africa and the wonderful work they do

Get in touch with me.

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